Arvee was formed in the early 1980’s, in response to a convergence of events that dramatically and permanently altered the landscape of available marketing options, for both the sellers and purchasers of materials for recycling (which include scrap iron, steel, metal infrastructure, paper, cardboard, non-ferrous metals, strategic metals, plastics, and a host of others). To ease communication, we typically lump all such items under the general description of disposable assets, representing the by-products, feedstock and other reusable items associated with manufacturing and other related processes.

The arrival of the Information Age, Globalization, Productivity Changes, Down- Sizing and Consolidation presented an unprecedented level of challenges and opportunities for industry. Even the smallest manufacturing operation now navigates in a sea of global competition for materials, customers, service providers, access to capital, etc., right along side the multi-nationals with all their resources.

As recycling companies and consumers of reusable materials consolidated and reorganized, they grew in strength and influence. It became obvious that buyers and sellers would require special tools to deal at the same level as these emerging goliaths. So, Arvee was basically formed as a private trading company, exclusively dedicated to serve industrial clients, in their efforts to continuously procure or sell disposable assets in the most cost effective method possible.

Our people form an exchange of highly qualified recycling professionals with a combined hundreds of years experience in trading, logistics, financial & relationship management and administrative expertise. Our mission is to provide industry a committed support system not available anywhere else, while exploiting the diverse range of recycling tools and options obtainable in our “worldwide web” workplace.

Available resources include everything from taking advantage of Arvee’s confidential, sometimes exclusive, but always competitive, dependable & credit- secured trading network of buyers and sellers, to implementing a complete recycling management package.

Customers choose from a menu of services that suit their individual purposes and needs, which are priced accordingly. Many clients, however, prefer a cradle to grave program that includes trading management, followed by customized logistics handling from the “factory floor to consumption,” straight through to concluding financial transactions related to product movement, and ending with tailored audit trails and performance/reporting mechanisms.

No matter how large or small an operation, you may be pleasantly surprised at the difference having someone advocating on your behalf can really make, even if you’ve been managing the firm’s disposable assets for a long time. Sometimes that better mouse trap actually gets built!

If your goal is to maximize returns on the purchase or sale of disposable assets, and you’re looking for someone who makes their income by ensuring that you enjoy a constantly productive and successful result, please discuss your requirements with an Arvee representative.

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